Recap of Leg 1

The first Targa Bambina event has been quite exciting for its competitors and the local spectators. Although it is a competition, it has been filled with plenty of good sportsmanship and positive interaction among competitors.

Targa NL is happy to release a recap of the results from the first day of competition:

Classic 2WD

1 – 101 Mercer, Mike Prosser, Corey C2WD

2 – 118 Hayward, Lee Hayward, Mike C2WD

3 – 150 Warren, Andrew Gouzvaris, George C2WD

Modern 2WD

1 – 325 Crant, Justin Crant, Erin M2WD

2 – 333 Soo, Justin Ryall, Mitchell M2WD

3 – 336 Aylward, Danny Gorich, Jeff M2WD

4 – 345 Warren, Brad Joannis, Daniel M2WD

Classic AWD

1 – 404 Robinson, David Bourdeau, Tobias CAWD

Modern AWD

1 – 444 Pike, Len Hancock, Clark MAWD

2 – 466 Maxwell, Gordon Lorenzen, Wayne MAWD

3 – 488 Collins, Josh Collins, Matt MAWD

Melissa Jenkins

Media Relations Coordinator, Targa Newfoundland

cell: 709-743-4837


Targa issues safety warning for residents in Burin area

Saturday was a successful start to the first Targa NL Bambina event on the Southern Burin Peninsula and Targa wants to ensure safety will remain a top priority for all management and staff of the organization.

Several unauthorized vehicles on Targa stages led to safety risks for participants, volunteers and spectators taking part in the event, including near misses in at least two of the three stages ran Saturday, July 1.

This is a reminder for residents to stay off all “in use” roads during the event. A “Closed Road” vehicle will drive through the area prior to the start of the stage, and will only open after the event is over.

Please do not drive your vehicles on these roads during that time.

Red and yellow tape are set up for the safety of those observing the event. Viewers are asked to stay behind yellow caution tape. Red tape sections are off limit areas, and under no circumstance should an observer be watching from behind red rape.

The stages have trained volunteers in designated areas. If there is a concern, ask someone in an orange vest. These rules are for the safety of all those involved.

Targa NL wants to reiterate that safety is its number one priority in all communities we participate in, for residents, property and those who are with the organization.

Our organization prides itself on being one of the safest road rally events in North America. Please help us help you enjoy the event.

Melissa Jenkins

Media Relations Coordinator, Targa Newfoundland

cell: 709-743-4837


Clarenville preteen to Navigate at Targa Bambina

It is going to be a record year for Targa Newfoundland.

The Tom Hollett Memorial Bambina in Burin launches on July 1st, but a young girl from the Clarenville area and her love for racing will also be making history with the event.

Not only is she 10 years old, young Olivia Ryan will be the youngest competitor to ever take part in the Targa Newfoundland stages.

Olivia, whose grandfather Rev. Edison Wiltshire – the Faster Pastor – is signed up in the Cruise (non-competitive) category of the Targa Bambina event, will act as navigator in place of her grandmother, Marg-o. The couple have partnered together at all previous Targa races, and Olivia hopes to take her grandmother’s place in the passenger seat when she retires from racing.

As a future racer, Olivia is looking forward to taking part in the event with her grandfather.

Photo Targa NL: Olivia Ryan and her grandfather Rev. Edison Wiltshire

strategize before te start of the Targa NL Bambina event Saturday


Melissa Jenkins

Media Relations Coordinator, Targa Newfoundland

cell: 709-743-4837


Pro race car driver Josh Collins enters Targa Bambina

Newfoundland and Labrador’s own professional race car driver Josh Collins was a last minute entry in the Tom Hollett Memorial Bambina event this weekend in Burin.

Collins, who hails from Placentia, made headlines over the years for his success in motorsports, both locally and nationally. He is the first person from this province to have raced at a NASCAR event.

He has been joined by Matt Collins, who will be his navigator for the Bambina.

Targa NL’s Bambina is set to begin this morning in Jean de Baie, and will cover most of the southern Burin Peninsula over the next three days.

For details, visit

Picture Targa NL: Josh and Matt Collins will race this Subaru at the first ever Targa NL Bambina starting today.

Melissa Jenkins

Media Relations Coordinator, Targa Newfoundland

cell: 709-743-4837


Rain or shine, Bambina to begin this morning

Teams are registered, and Targa Bambina is set to launch at 10:45 am today in Jean de Baie.

The weather hasn’t been very cooperative this morning, with rain and cool temperatures, but the Tom Hollett Memorial Bambina will still go ahead.

Drivers anticipate an exciting run, even with the wet road conditions.

Schedule of stages is available on our website,

Roads will be closed during each stage, and will open immediately after completion.

The general public is invited to take in the event from behind the yellow tape along the routes. Safety is a priority for Targa NL, so please follow all posted road closures and warnings.

Melissa Jenkins

Media Relations Coordinator, Targa Newfoundland

cell: 709-743-4837