Cousin of Cortney Lake competes at Bambina in her memory

Cousin of Cortney Lake competes at Bambina in her memory

The investigation into the disappearance of Cortney Lake turned tragic last week when it was revealed the RNC believe she was the victim of a homicide.

The news shocked people all over the province, but especially in the Marystown area, where many of her family members live.

Lake’s cousin Andrew Warren is one of those people.

Warren was set to register for the Targa NL Bambina event on the morning of June 30th, when he received the devastating news that there was evidence to support she had been killed.

Instead of cancelling his entry in the event, he decided he would commemorate her during the ride.

“When my mom called me to tell me the news before it was all over Facebook, at that time I was at OK Tire, doing some work with the car, putting on some decals,” Warren explained. “So when she told me, I was really tore up about it.”

It was a hard piece of news for the family to get, and Warren wasn’t sure whether or not he would continue with Bambina. But an idea crossed his mind, and he decided he would continue, with one minor adjustment.

He would put “In loving memory” and a photo of Cortney on the front of his 1990 Ford Mustang Cobra, and compete for her.

“I was so excited about competing in Bambina, and then it was just a really bad day,” he continued. “I thought maybe it was my little tribute, my little farewell, I guess.”

The family was very supportive of putting the decals on for the event, Warren said.

“I’d like to win for her,” he explained.

Photo Targa NL: Andrew Warren with his 1990 Mustang Cobra and the decals in memory of cousin Cortney Lake.

Melissa Jenkins

Media Relations Coordinator, Targa Newfoundland

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