Husband and Wife Racing Through Life…

Written by: Erin Crant

We are a husband and wife duo who competed in the inaugural Targa Bambina over the Canada Day weekend 2017. My husband, Justin Crant, knew right away that he wanted to compete. Little did I know, the wheels were turning in his head and he wanted ME to be his navigator? We’ve done TSD rally before and let’s just say it didn’t go so well!

Justin has been racing in Targa Newfoundland since 2010, so he is a seasoned driver and navigator. I, on the other hand, was a total rookie. Was I nervous? Of course! I wanted to do well and make the proper calls – I’d never live it down if I did. Luckily, I surprised both of us and we held our own against some super-powered cars.

What was my experience like? The camaraderie that developed between the teams during Bambina was great; the experienced teams befriended many of the rookies and gave some competition tips and tricks. The volunteers were great! If I had to describe them in three words – happy, helpful, and friendly.

What was my most memorable moment? The scenery along the coast of Garnish; it was spectacular, even if only a blur at speeds of 150 km/hour.

Would I do Targa Bambina again? In a heartbeat! I had so much fun and would recommend it to anyone, especially those thinking of competing in the week-long event. Bambina gives you a little taste of Targa Newfoundland. We’ve already signed up for 2018 and are counting down the days.

This year, we will be competing in our 2004 BMW M3 Convertible. Here’s to many more racing adventures as Husband and Wife!