June 2nd Entry Deadline for Bambina

With only a few more weeks until the start of the Tom Hollett Memorial Targa Bambina, we are asking those who plan to register for the event to please do so by end of business, Friday, June 2nd.

We need your registration in so we can get an accurate count for ordering Route Books, decals, merchandise and meal orders. We also must adjust timing schedules regarding the number of entries so that the roads are not closed for a greater time than absolutely necessary in the communities we are running stages.

We will also be doing a heavy public relations campaign using those who are entered at that time, so if you would like to have your team and vehicle involved in that campaign, enter before June 2nd!

Please contact registrar@targanewfoundland.com or call 1-877-332-2413 for more information and to register your team!

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