A message from President of Bambina, Mr. Robert Giannou


Thank you for participating in the first Tom Hollett Memorial Targa Bambina event ever held in the western, or northern Hemispheres.  By all accounts it was a significant success and was enjoyed by those who organized, competed and spectated.

We had our share of challenges on the way into the event; from communications issues with communities, to a limited entry list which caused a very tight budget, to the many smaller changes and issues we had to deal with.  We had more than our share of surprises and adventures in the event, but all were dealt with effectively and, as a result the event worked well.  It was on schedule, on time, with all but two stages were completed.  Those two were replaced on the final day.

The completion was fought to the final stage, as it should be, because that is the Targa way.  The vehicles were well prepared and as we discovered, much faster than we anticipated.   So we will have to make a number of adjustments to the courses, the rules and the speeds for coming events.

Our Targa organization worked tirelessly and well and after a little bit of a slow start (which seems to be part of the first day of each event) we operated wonderfully together.   To those of you that switched positions or added responsibilities at the last moment, thank you.  To those that restored the timing equipment over the winter and revised the Stage Ops Training processes thank you.  The event management and Incident response groups ran well and operated in a very ‘can do’ manner, thereby setting an example for all.

In the Bambina we learned about ourselves, the event, the competition and about the communities in which we operate.  While we had our share of issues we handled them, coming out all the better for the experience.  From all this new and reinforced knowledge, we can make adjustments and changes to the way we design, organize and run the next Targa Bambina event.

Lastly, for those who have sent us feedback we thank you.  Every bit of it is valuable, every bit much appreciated and will be considered.  In the coming days we will endeavor to reply to each of you but rest assured, the one thing that came out of this first Targa Bambina, was that it developed a character much different than its parent.  The event evolved into a short, well balanced and very tough little event capable of providing every bit of the challenge of its parent… but in a very different way.  Targa Newfoundland as we all  know and most of us have experienced is known as the Ironman of Motorsport, the Bambina is the ultimate Targa sprint and certainly provides…a taste of Targa.

Thank you all,


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