2017 Bambina Review Book & Team CD’s by Ralph Saulnier.

Long-time event photographer Ralph Saulnier is selling his 2017 Bambina Review Books and CD’s of images taken during the event, plus team specific image CD’s.

The book is $20 ($25 if needs to be mailed) and can be picked up during Targa week locally (we’ll have copies at the office too). Please email Darren at registrar@targanewfoundland.com or contact Ralph at ralph@ragincajun.ca to place an order for the Book. More information is available below.

If you’d like a CD of images or team-specific images, please contact Ralph directly. More information is on the image below.

Both make great gifts for competitors, folks who are from the Burin but living and working on the mainland, or general motorsports fans!

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