The Tom Hollett Memorial Bambina was created in the memory of Tom. He was a massive fan of Targa and had hoped to have such an event, based out of Burin, to promote his hometown, the history of the town, and to show the world what Burin had to offer.

His untimely death did not let him fulfill that dream. However, that dream will not die with him. Targa Newfoundland, along with members of Tom’s family and friends, and those of the Historic Trust, have come together to create this unique motorsports event – the Tom Hollett Memorial Targa Bambina.

The Burin Peninsula extends to the southwest from the main island of Newfoundland, separating Fortune Bay to the west from Placentia Bay to the east. It measures approximately 130 km (81 mi) in length and between 15 to 30 kilometres (9.3–18.6 mi) in width. It is connected by a 30 km (19 mi) wide isthmus between Terrenceville and Monkstown.

It was originally named the Buria Peninsula by fishermen from the Basque region during the 16th century.

The Burin Peninsula is home to the Tom Hollett Memorial Targa Bambina. The Peninsula is located on the south coast of the island of Newfoundland, with its major centre being Marystown. The Burin Peninsula will host both Bambina and Targa stages, with the northern part hosting Targa stages in September, and the lower portion hosting Bambina stages.

Any road-legal vehicle can partake in this event. Competitors must have a valid driver’s license, a competition license (can be purchased from Targa), and necessary safety equipment added to their vehicle. The Bambina is a fraction of the cost of Targa and is a must for those who want to experience the thrill of Targa but on a budget.

Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited is pleased to announce the 3rd annual Targa Bambina competition during the Canada Day long weekend in 2019. This mini version of the internationally acclaimed race will be held from June 28th – July 1st and will consist of three days of competition, offering 16 competitive stages on the lower Burin Peninsula.

This smaller version of the Targa is designed as a compact, three-day adventure, instead of the gruelling week-long event that is held each September. Two divisions will be available within the Bambina:

  1. The competitive Targa Bambina division, which includes Modern/Classic classes with 2WD/AWD breakdowns within those classes.
  2. The non-competitive Fast Touring division, which allows those to enjoy the closed road stages, but not under the pressure of competition.

The Bambina gives the opportunity for people with interest in motorsports to try their hand at stage rallying, without having to commit to the time and effort that the full Targa would involve. Entry for this event is a fraction of the cost of the Targa, and the overall winner will gain free admission to Targa’s annual event in September 2019.