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The Official Notice Board will be located at a designated site and available to all competitor’s/crews as well as on the Targa Bambina NL website at  

All official communications between the organizers and crews will be via these Notice Boards. It is each competitor’s/crew’s responsibility to check these Notice Boards for any posted communications, such as bulletins and notices. 

Claims and/or protests relating to a competitor’s/crew’s not being aware of any such communications being distributed via the Official Online Notice Board and Designated site will not be investigated.


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Friday 6 July 2018 16:44 (4:44 PM)
To All Bambina Competitors:

One of the challenges of producing a race such as the Targa Bambina is the complexity of scoring.  As you may recall we issued “provisional” results on Sunday.  We need to verify the results but our Scorer has been busy.  We are meeting tomorrow, Saturday, to finalize them and we will issue the final results after that meeting.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we want to make sure all data is properly reviewed before we confirm.

Robert Giannou

Event Steward

Monday 2 July 2018 07:30 (07:30 AM)

Bulletin No: 3

Saturday 30 June 2018 21:30 (21:30 PM)

Bulletin No: 2

Friday 29 June 2018 13:00 (1:00 PM)

Bulletin No: 001